COLEMAN, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Cattle Drive Café & Bull Bar in Coleman has been a major part of bringing more people downtown, while also preserving the history of the building and the city. 

“This is the place to be in Coleman. It’s just the place to be,” said Tammy Bowers, who has her own family history with this building. 

Bowers continued, “My grandmother, her name was Fern Cosen, she worked next door when the restaurant was Congress Café many years ago.”

That legacy is now continuing through Bowser as she works at the same location, years apart.

This is only one small piece of history that the Cattle Drive Café and its new edition, the Bull Bar, holds. Even though this bar is less than a year old, the walls within are the original 100-year-old walls. 

Todd and Vicki Virden opened this café two years ago. They were living in Abilene, but they moved back to Vicki’s hometown when they heard Coleman was renovating its downtown. 

“It had just all died. Everybody moved away,” Vicki explained. 

Vicki said she wanted to be a part of this movement, opening this restaurant and naming it Cattle Drive Café, after the cattle drive that went through Coleman in the 1800’s. 

“There’s been a lot of intrigue in our history, and we’re proud of that,” said Vicki. 

These business owners allow locals to play a part in building this restaurant, by letting local ranchers brand their wall, and even letting the customers name the bull statue inside. 

“Everybody from Coleman has a history in the Congress Café,” which Vicki said was what makes some people drawn to their restaurant. 

Todd was originally unsure about how the restaurant would turn out, but has since come around, “It’s been more successful than I ever expected it to be.” 

One customer, Kathy Turner, said she was glad they opened up this restaurant to bring more people downtown. 

“It stays busy, busy, busy all the time,” Turner bragged “And it’s a great place to meet up with friends.”

Bar manager, Steve Grelle, said they welcome anyone – just come as you are. 

Much like the fame of Cheers, “Everyone knows your name, and you’re gonna feel welcome.”

Cattle Drive Café & Bull Bar is now open on Sundays, welcoming anyone to come watch the football games at the Bull Bar. The café and bar is located in Downtown Coleman at 213 South Commercial Avenue.