ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Some people might have tables set up in their backyard for family gatherings with games, lights, and even some swings. But Mindy Burger sets all this up in her backyard for work.

MJ’s Back Porch, a food truck in Eastland, is literally located on the back porch of Mindy and James Burger’s home, who want their customers to feel like family. 

“Poor guy, he has to drive an hour to work, and I literally have like 20 steps,” Mindy said. 

For customers of MJ’s Back Porch, though, they seem to love the backyard experience.

“We love the atmosphere,” said one Eastland resident who said they’re a regular customer. “It’s nice and cool on a hot day, and the food is delicious.”

“It’s much nicer than going to McDonald’s to play in the play area, and for me, I can’t eat wheat,” another Eastland resident gave testimony. “So they have gluten free options, which is fantastic, and it’s hard to find that in a small rural town.”

Even though it took a lot for this food truck to open, this is the business that made Mindy’s dreams come true. 

“It’s not work for me, it’s just something I’ve always dreamed of doing,” Mindy explained. 

After working in the food industry for four years, Mindy said she’d always dreamt of opening her own restaurant. She even told KTAB/KRBC she once tried opening a mom-and-pop.

“We first started looking at buying a building and setting up,” said James, Mindy’s husband. “Long story short, God reduced that building out of our capabilities.”

After that, the pandemic hit, and both Mindy and James lost their jobs. Still needing to provide for three children at home, the situation pushed the couple to make a big decision. 

Mindy and James said they originally planned to name their mom-and-pop MJ’s Back Porch – so they decided to put a food truck on their back porch, in the middle of the pandemic. 

This business has now been open for two years, through inflation and incredible heat. Even though it is an outdoor establishment, the couple said it gives Eastland residents something to do.

What’s more, they even host live music events on the second Saturday of each month, which will begin Saturday, September 10. They also offer a space which can be rented out. 

A supportive husband, James told KTAB/KRBC he just wanted Mindy’s dreams to come true, while Mindy said she just wants to give back to the Eastland community. 

Through this economic climate, MJ’s Back Porch said they may need to extend their hours to make ends meet, but they assured their customers that they don’t plan on closing anytime soon.

This food truck is only open during lunch hours, but they also deliver, which they say has been the main thing keeping them open in the heat. You can visit them at 402 North College Avenue in Eastland, and click here to learn more.