ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – While everyone’s American dream is different, one man who immigrated to the Big Country from Nepal says burgers are his American dream.

“I’m so tired of working for somebody else. I’m here giving them my all, and life for somebody else. I think I had to open something and a family operated business,” Kumar Rawat explained.

Rawat, owner of Texas Flaming Grill on Ambler Avenue in North Abilene, said he spent close to 15 years in the restaurant industry before finally investing in himself in 2019.

Immigrating from Nepal, Rawat said he rummaged around Abilene – high and wide – to figure out what would sell the best and what his customers would appreciate most.

“I searched what is the best in the town,” Rawat said. “I see everywhere that the burger is the most famous in the Abilene.”

Other favorites at Texas Flaming Grill, according to Rawat, includes the flame burger, Philly cheesesteak and a fresh salad.

Rawat said he takes pride in his restaurant and staff by serving only fresh ingredients.

“Everything is fresh not frozen. We’re not going to use anything on the frozen side. We make to the orders. We make it before and not warm it,” Rawat boasted. “Whatever the customer wants, we make it like that.”

Apart from the freshly chopped vegetables and grilled patties, Rawat said the Texas Flaming Grill is a family-wide American dream.

“Where I’m from, right here is a better life, and better opportunity than where I’m coming from. I have kids, so maybe they’re going to do better than me growing up right here. They go to school right here,” Rawat added. “I think the dream has come true I think for me.”

Texas Flaming Grill is located at 549 Ambler Avenue in North Abilene, in the same building where Rick & Carolyn’s Burgers & Fries used to live.