COLEMAN, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Marsha Spinks is a woman of many professions. Whether it’s as a real estate agent, mother of two, Coleman First Methodist Preschool Chairman, Coleman County Foundation Vice President, Coleman Planning and Zoning Committee member, Appraisal review board member, or charity organizer – everything she does is a 100% effort.

“I’m a big proponent of Dave Ramsey, and he always says you have to live like no one else so you can give like no one else,” Spinks advised.

Spinks was nominated for the Remarkable Women contest because of her tireless dedication to her community and her country. In her spare time, she coordinates both a senior citizen gift and flower program, and a care package operation that sends toiletries, snacks, and essentials to military members serving in remote areas.

“We moved to Coleman about 12 years ago and didn’t know anyone, so, I guess I just kinda jumped in with both feet and tried to become a part of this community,” said Spinks, looking back at her time in Coleman.

In her work with the First Methodist Preschool, she oversees about 40 kids, but her involvement goes far beyond simple administration. Spinks regularly looks after the developmental wellbeing of her students.

“There was a family here that owned a local business at the time, and their daughter was having to undergo massive heart surgery, and her little brother wasn’t able to go to preschool just because they made every penny stretched as tight as it could go,” Spinks recalled. “So, we found the money for him to stay in preschool and have a bit of normalcy in his life while his sister went through treatment.”

Through a military servicemember care package program, Spinks has been able to reach out to those outside her own community – often servicemembers facing very difficult times.

“We had one group this last year before Christmas that had had seven suicides in their unit… We were able to get the preschool and the elementary school to make cards and coloring sheets and send to them,” detailed Spinks.

The Coleman woman saw to it that these soldiers got essentials like deodorant and snacks, but also sent along a little human connection.

Through these accomplishments, Spinks still does not take the fame for herself. Instead, she bestows any and all praise to the people in her life.

“I have seen this community (Coleman) rally together… This community is amazing, I’m so thankful to be a part of it,” gushed Spinks.

Spinks’ charitable efforts include assisting in fundraising for kids in need of early education, as well as various community efforts through the community foundation.

“Well, we all have 24 hours in a day, so I don’t know that I find time any better than anyone else does necessarily but… There’s a balance of doing something for everybody else all day long and trying to find a little bit of you time in there too,” Spinks explained.

While her schedule may be full, Spinks said she feels many working moms can sympathize. As such it is her wish that folks might lift up other women in her position who often get overlooked.

“I feel like a lot of those moms don’t get seen… I just hope that someone through this sees a working mom that may not have gotten seen otherwise… Because moms are amazing, and they don’t get enough credit.”

She began her full-time job as a receptionist at the Liveoak real estate agency in Coleman and worked her way up the ladder. She will soon be taking over as owner of the business, in addition to holding all of her positions at the other community organizations.

Spinks is one of four women who have been nominated as finalists in KTAB’s Remarkable Women Contest.