ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – An Abilene man accused of stealing more than $30,000 worth of weapons from a surplus store and also committing a string of vehicle burglaries has been arrested.

Isaiah Carrillo was taken into custody Tuesday on a warrant for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity in connection to the crime.

Court documents reveal Carrillo is accused in a string of vehicle burglaries in July 2022, where several items, including a firearm, cash, an iPad, and personal identification were stolen, and he is also tied to a burglary at the Army Surplus Store on August 16 where multiple guns, ammunition, money, and tactical gear was stolen, as well as another vehicle burglary in August where a firearm was stolen. 

Officers executed a search warrant on the phone of a suspect possibly involved in these burglaries, and the documents state they learned he had sent a letter from the Taylor County Jail to Carrillo and a third suspect, “detailing other burglary of motor vehicles to commit outside of Abilene and to stop ‘hitting them here'”, and the letter also mentioned of another surplus store in a surrounding county. 

Carrillo and the other two suspects are roommates, and when officers executed a search warrant at their residence at the end of August, they found an AR15 that was stolen during the surplus store burglary, as well as firearms and other items stolen during vehicle burglaries. 

One of the roommate’s phones had a video that showed Carrillo and two other suspects inside the Army Surplus Store after hours while wearing clothing, backpacks, and headlamps. During this burglary, more than $30,000 worth of items were stolen. 

Investigators believe Carrillo and three other suspects have been working together to burglarize vehicles and buildings to steal firearms and other items. 

All of the suspects are currently in custody, however, Carrillo is the only one who has been charged in connection to this crime, so KTAB and KRBC are keeping the other three identities withheld. 

BigCountryHomepage.com will provide more information once additional charges are issued.