ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A suspect who attacked an employee during a bank robbery attempt in Abilene in 2019 has been found guilty.

Earlier this week, a Federal jury convicted James Earl Green, Jr., 72, from El Paso, of Attempted Bank Robbery in connection the crime, which took place at First State Bank on the 2100 block of Treadaway Blvd in September 2019.

Court documents reveal Green’s DNA was found on a duffel bag left at the crime scene, and he drove a gold Cadillac matching the description an anonymous tipster reported they saw at the bank the morning of the robbery.

WATCH: Abilene bank employee fights armed robber, makes him flee

Investigators also spoke with Green’s parole officer, and he said surveillance footage of the robbery suspect looked like Green. He also provided access to Green’s phone, which showed his location was in Abilene the day the robbery occurred.

Green is currently in custody on unrelated charges, but “a complaint has been filed federally against the suspect in connection with the robbery,” according to a press release, which says a warrant has been issued.

During the robbery, Green fled without any cash after the employee he attacked, Jill Beatty, a 39-year veteran of the banking industry, fought back and pushed him out of the building.

Beatty received a Certificate of Commendation from Chief Standridge for her bravery and for being “quite a remarkable person”.

The Dallas and El Paso branches of the Federal Bureau of Investigation assisted in identifying Green.