Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes from responding officers and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


Hector Estrada – Warrant, Criminal Trespass
Estrada is accused of entering the backdoor of a residence to hide from police 

Tanner Dunn – Warrant
Dunn was arrested for an outstanding warrant 

Jimmy Beaver – Criminal Trespass
Beaver was warned of trespass but refused to leave the property, even though he knew he was not supposed to be there

Michael Fritts – Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Registry 
Fritts was contacted in due to suspicious circumstances at the Abilene library. Officers then learned he had not registered as a sex offender since his released from jail.

Joshua Ramirez – Public Intoxication
Ramirez was found lying in an open field, covered in urine. He displayed signs of being intoxicated form alcohol and was arrested for being a danger to himself and the public.

Charles Weese – Public Intoxication
Weese was contacted outside the airport and officers noticed signs of intoxication. He also admitted to drinking alcohol. 

Joseph Summers – Warrant
Summers was arrested for an outstanding warrant 

Robert Aguirre – Theft, Failure to Identify
Aguirre is accused of leaving Target without paying for nearly $900 in merchandise. Loss prevention and an officer contacted him outside the store. He initially gave a false ID. 

Darryl Montes – Criminal Trespass
Montes was arrested for criminal trespass after being previously warned about being on the property of a local business.

Ray Bishop – Assault Family Violence 
Bishop was intoxicated and physically confronted a victim during an argument, causing injuries and pain.

Jordan Mailoto – Possession of Marijuana 
Mailoto’s residence was searched during a drug investigation. Over a pound of marijuana, as well as packaging and a scale, was found. Mailoto also admitted some money he had was from selling marijuana. 

Damor Barnes – Theft of Property 
Barnes was arrested after a disturbance at Walmart for a Theft of Property warrant. 

Lucas Collins – Evading Arrest, Tampering with Evidence, Possession of a Controlled Substance 
Officers performed a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Collins because it had no front license plate. During the stop, they found a substance that tested positive for meth on the driver’s side of the vehicle, as well as in the street where they saw Collins throw something. 

Jonathan Arnot – Assault Family Violence 
Arnot is accused of  physically assaulting his live-in girlfriend, grabbing her wrists in an attempt to take her phone. The victim then slapped him in self defense. 

Coleby Chambers – Driving While Intoxicated 
A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle driven by Chambers, and he exhibited signs of being intoxicated from alcohol. There was also an open beverage in his car. Chambers refused to provide a blood specimen, so a search warrant was obtained and officers were then able to draw two samples. 

Jesus Guerra – Public Intoxication
Guerra was involved in a disturbance at a local convenience store and showed signs of being intoxicated, attempting to fight an unknown male. He was arrested for being a danger to himself and the public. 

Xavier Rodriguez – Warrant 
Rodriguez was contacted during a traffic stop for making a wide right turn. A records check showed he had an active warrant.

Rachel Jones – Possession of a Controlled Substance 
Jones contacted during a traffic stop for failing to signal for a turn at a proper distance and not having a license plat light. The odor of coming from her vehicle, and a search of the vehicle found two needles, a metal spoons with remnants of meth, and clear like baggie with nearly 2 grams of meth inside. 

Kenzie Flores – Public Intoxication
Police responded to a criminal mischief call and detained Flores during the investigation. She was exhibiting signs of being intoxicated from alcohol and couldn’t keep her story straight and was being uncooperative. She was arrested for being a threat to herself and the public. 

Sterling Whitehead – Assault Family Violence 
A witness was on facetime with a woman when he saw her get assaulted by Whitehead. Police arrived and he was arrested for assault. 

Aleaijah Mack – Driving While Intoxicated
Mack was involved in a single-vehicle accident. Shew was showing signs of intoxication at the scene and failed a filed sobriety test. She also failed a breath analysis. Her blood was drawn at the hospital after a search warrant was obtained. 


1900 block of State Street – Warrant
A man left his door open woke up to another man standing inside his apartment uninvited. The intruder said he was hiding from the police. The victim said he didn’t want to upset the suspect, so he let him put on some of his clothing. The victim was able to leave and call police, and the suspect was arrested.

1300 block of Ross Avenue  – Unlawful Installation of Tracking Device
A woman reports a known suspect put a tracking device on her vehicle without permission

1900 block of Belmont Boulevard – Theft of Firearm
A woman reports someone who was staying at her home took a firearm valued at $600

2600 block of Great Lakes Drive – Theft of Material
240 feet of copper wire was taken from a job site

2300 block of 34th Street – Criminal Mischief
A woman reports someone damaged her vehicle when she loaned it to them.

2700 block of Victoria Street – Credit or Debit Card Abuse 
A woman reports someone used her debit card without permission

900 block of Carver Street – Criminal Trespass
A male was arrested for criminal trespass 

800 block of Butternut Street – Criminal Mischief 
A suspect damaged property that belongs to the City of Abilene 

3700 block of Ridgemont Drive – Theft
A man was arrested for theft at a local department store 

Undisclosed Location – Assault Family Violence
A disturbance was reported at a southside restaurant. A woman reported her brother assaulted her but she did not wish to press charges. 

5400 block of Laguna Drive
A suspect burglarized an apartment, taking money, a pistol, and an IPAD valued at $1,700 total

5700 block of Red Hawk Circle – Assault Family Violence 
A woman reports she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. She says he grabbed her during an argument and she slapped him in self defense. 

300 block of Pine Street – Assault 
Two men say they were assaulted by multiple younger males as they were leaving a local business. Both victims had visible injuries. 

400 block of Miller Street – Assault Family Violence 
A woman says she was assaulted by her boyfriend but did not wish to press charges. 

5400 block of Questa Drive – Criminal Trespass
A victim reported criminal trespass but the suspect was gone upon arrival 

2300 block of S 5th Street – Violation of Bond/Protective Order
A man violated bond conditions by communicating with a female he recently assaulted