Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


1100 block of N 11th Street – Burglary of Building 
A victim reported an unknown suspect entered his open garage and stole a guitar, several golf clubs, assorted tools, a cassette player, and air conditioner, baseball bats, fishing poles, and cordless drills valued at around $6,800.

1500 block of Kirkwood Street – Theft of Property 

A victim reported her daughter took a bicycle valued at $250 without her consent

500 block of Palm Street – Burglary of Building 
A 63 year-old male reported an unknown suspect stole paint, a door, wire, sheetrock, and plywood from a home he was renovated. The stolen goods are valued at around $4,000.

4300 block of Ridgemont Drive – Theft of Property 
A victim reported his vehicle was stolen from a local hotel.

2600 block of N 1st Street – Assault 

A victim reports a known suspect assaulted him. 

2600 block of Barrow Street – Theft of Property 

A victim reported construction materials valued at $40 were stolen

3400 block of Vogel Avenue – Theft of Property 
A victim reported a suspect went through her purse and stole several items. 

5300 block of Questa Drive – Warrant
A man was arrested for assaulting his live-in girlfriend. 

1700 block of Swenson Street – Continuous Violence Against Family
A victim reported someone who lives with her hit her with a closed fist to the back and knocked her to the ground. The offender fled the scene when she called police and a report for assault was taken. The offender then returned, assaulted the victim then fled again. After officers were called to the home a third time, the offender was arrested. 

3100 block of S Clack Street – Failure to Identify – Arrested 
A female was arrested after causing a disturbance at a local restaurant. She did not pay for 3 alcoholic drinks. 

2300 block of Vicki Drive – Assault Family Violence 
A report for assault family violence was taken. 

4900 block of S 7th Street – Indecent Exposure 
A female reported an employee at a southside facility asked her to perform a sexual act. 

5300 block of Laguna Drive – Theft of Property 
A report was taken for a stolen vehicle 

1600 block of S 16th Street – Criminal Trespass 
A known offender was caught trespassing on property he had been previously warned from. 

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – Burglary of Vehicle 
An AC unit was reported stolen from the bed of a pickup truck in south Abilene.

3200 block of N 1st Street – Burglary of Vehicle 
A victim reported an unknown suspect stole a comforter set valued at $85 from the victim’s vehicle.

7300 block of Mountain View Road – Assault Family Violence 

A man reported he was assaulted by his girlfriend. 

1300 block of Barrow Street – Criminal Trespass 
A man who had been previously warned of trespass was seen on the property of a south Abilene grocery store.

2900 block of S Treadaway Blvd – Assault Family Violence 
Police responded to a disturbance and learned a victim had been assaulted by his fiancé. He did not have visible injury but did wish to pursue charges. 

3500 block of State Street – Credit or Debit Card Abuse 
A victim reported her ex boyfriend tried to use her credit card. 

1100 block of EN 10th Street – Terroristic Threat Reaction Emergency Agency 

A business reported an unknown suspect made a bomb threat over the phone. 


Whitney Smith – Public Intoxication 
Smith was contacted for causing multiple issues at an Abilene business. She was acting like she was intoxicated on narcotics when contacted by police. She was arrested for being a danger to herself and others and a syringe was found in her possession. 

Moneah Rosas – Warrant, Assault – Family Violence 
Rosas was contacted and arrested for slapping his girlfriend on the face. He also had an active warrant. 

Brandon Gonzales – Warrant
Gonzales was arrested for having active warrants. 

Linda Westbrook – Theft of Service, Public Intoxication, Failure to Identify 
Westbook was contacted for causing a disturbance at a local restaurant. She also failed to pay her tab and was acting intoxicated. She also refused to give her identifying information to officers. 

Maxamillon Powdrill – Warrant, Possession of Controlled Substance 
Powdrill was contacted and arrested for an active warrant while driving. A K9 was called to do an open air sniff and alerted to the presence of narcotics. Two Ecstasy pills were found in his possession. 

Cody Rinehart – Continuous Violence Against Family
Rinehart is accused of assaulting his girlfriend during an argument. He is also accused of assaulting her as she tried to run to a neighbor’s house for help. Neighbors opened their door to see Rinehart on top of her, pinning her to the ground. Rinehart fled and officers were called to make a report. After they left, Rinehart returned and assaulted her again then fled. He was arrested after a third assault. 

Noviyon Johnson – Possession of Marijuana, Unlawful Carrying Weapon
Johnson was contacted during a traffic stop, and marijuana was in plain view inside his vehicle. A K9 also performed a free air sniff and alerted to the presence of narcotics. Marijuana and a handgun was found during a search. 

Trey Whitehead – Warrant 
Whitehead was contacted during a suspicious person call, and though no criminal offense was found, he did have active warrants.