ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Two suspects were arrested after a shootout at an Abilene apartment complex.

Phillip Lewis, Jr. and Norie Fawcett were both taken into custody on a Deadly Conduct charge in connection to the shooting at an apartment complex on the 1900 block of Denton Street October 9.

Court documents state police were called to the apartment complex by a witness to the shooting.

When officers were at the scene, a tenant of the apartment involved came outside and was upset her door had been shot.

The witness who called police told officers he was inside his apartment next-door when he heard a man outside say “I’m at your door now” multiple times, followed by several gunshots, some of which came through his door. He did get a superficial wound to his arm from some of the carnage.

Documents reveal the tenant inside the apartment involved told officers she knew who the shooter was and identified him as a man known only as ‘D’, who had ongoing issues with her boyfriend and had threatened to shoot up her car earlier that day.

She led officers to his apartment, and they were able to identify him as Norie Fawcett, who uses an alias to avoid being arrested on outstanding warrants, according to the documents.

Another witness to the shooting stated they heard shorts fired from inside the involved apartment, followed by shots fired from outside down below, which is where the suspect later identified as Fawcett had been standing.

Surveillance footage from a business across from the apartments showed a second suspect, Lewis, fleeing from the back of the involved apartment and getting into a vehicle.

Lewis is the boyfriend of the tenant who led police to Fawcett.

Both Lewis and Fawcett remain held in the Taylor County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Fawcett’s apartment was also searched for evidence related to the shooting.

No further information has been released.