Editor’s Note: A Grand Jury indicted the following suspects on felony charges in Taylor County, Texas, September 1. All individuals named below are considered not guilty unless deemed otherwise in a court of law.

Ryan Baucum – Assault Family Violence 

Jeffery Lane Yates – Assault Family Violence 

Shayla Schwartz – Endanger a Child 

Remigio Delarosa III – Aggravated Assault 

Willie Dell Morris, Jr. – Assault Family Violence (Enhanced) 

Roberto Ramirez Quinones – Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child 

Cheyenne Hansen – Aggravated Assault 

James Eric Parrott – Possession of Methamphetamine

Karl Andrew Hampton – Possession of Methamphetamine

Adrianne Spencer – Possession of Methamphetamine

Christopher McKnight – Tampering with Physical Evidence, Possession of Methamphetamine 

Vanyah Jackson – Theft of Firearm

Carolyn Cruchette Whitney – Theft Enhanced 

Shelly Gradiska – Attempt to Take Weapon from an Officer 

Joseph Ozuna Gonzales – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Antione Calhoun – Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Deliver, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of
Hydrocodone with Intent to Deliver, Evading Arrest Enhanced 

Isaac Escobedo – Assault of a Peace Officer, Evading Arrest, Possession of Methamphetamine 

Joshua Arispe – Theft 

Armando Martinez – Assault Family Violence Enhanced 

Noah Leverett – Theft 

Matthew Kelly – Robbery 

James Morales – Burglary of Buidling 

Joadam Bravo – Burglary of Building 

Joel Anthony Flores – Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver, Possession of Methamphetamine 

Ethan Martin – Deadly Conduct 

George Richard Burt, AKA George Richard Burt III – Exploitation of the Elderly 

Jordan Outlaw – Forgery Elderly 

Tanequa Jackson – Fraudulent Use of Debit Card 

Dustin Cummings – Sexual Assault of a Child 

Julion Xavias Arrendondo – Murder 

Desarai Rose Hay – Driving While Intoxicated Enhanced 

Larry Johnson – Possession of Cocaine 

Amanda Bryant AKA Amanda Virginia Bryant – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Tanequa Jackson – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Jennifer Marks – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Carrie Murphy – Possession of Methamphetamine

Daniel Draper – Possession of Cocaine 

Dustin Keith Martin – Evading Arrest Enhanced