Editor’s Note: A Grand Jury indicted the following suspects on felony charges in Taylor County, Texas, November 2. All individuals named below are considered not guilty unless deemed otherwise in a court of law.

Christopher Acosta – Debit Card Abuse 

Richard Ortega – Assault Family Violence Enhanced 

Kevin Thurman Kohler Jr. – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Steven Timmis – Assault Family Violence 

Joseph Jarrell Turner – Unauthorized Use of Vehicle 

Kamariza Niyoyankunze – Forgery 

Jonathan Daniel Carrion – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Teresa Garcia – Unauthorized Use of Vehicle 

Adam Christopher Slate – Possession of Fentanyl with Intent to Deliver 

Joe Burnley – Aggravated Assault 

Xavier Loredo – Harassment of Public Servant 

Crystal Lindsey – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Ryan Joseph Benner – Assault Family Violence 

Delbert Woodward – Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle 

Antonio Zavala, Jr. – Burglary of Building 

Eric Lang – Assault on a Public Servant 

Estaban Gonzalez – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Jordan McClain – Prescription Fraud (2nd Count Criminal Prescription Fraud)

George Albert Graham – Assault Family Violence 

Brandon Shiloh Padget – Stalking 

Johnathan Washington – Threaten to Publish Intimate Visual Material 

Kevin Dewayne Young – Accident Involving Serious Bodily Injury 

Johnny Hernandez – Hindering Secured Creditors 

Embe Tomerlin – Exploitation of Elderly 

Lupita DeJesus Hernandez – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Martin Lee Trevino – Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver (2nd Count Possession of Methamphetamine)

Don Whitley Lively III – Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver (2nd Count Possession of Methamphetamine) 

Matthew Steven Haynes – Murder 

Heidi Minnick – Theft 

Shelly Danielle Booker – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Reagan Sherman – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Jamie Towler – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Jay Lynn Tully – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Crystal Esmerado – Possession of Methamphetamine 

Quentin Guadalupe Navarro – Possession of Tetrahydrocannabinol