ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Baggies filled with rocks and antisemitic flyers were thrown into yards in some Abilene neighborhoods on Saturday night.

The flyers containing extremely offensive stereotypes and accusations of the Jewish faith.

“It’s pretty horrific. Hate like this has no place in Abilene,” says James Wiser, an Old Elmwood resident who moved to Abilene two years ago. “One of the things I like most about Abilene is how friendly people here are and how warmly we welcome the outsider. And I can’t imagine that these people are from Abilene or would be people that we would consider our own.”

The distribution of these flyers comes after recent weeks of fighting back against antisemitism, with people all across the country standing up for the Jewish Religion.

Steve Owen, an Abilene native, is in disbelief over the flyers.

“It upsets me because I would think that this would be the last place you would see stuff like that. I would never think that in this area, I grew up with several Jewish friends when I was at Cooper back in the seventies. It’s just another religion,” Owen says.

Many residents reached out to APD in regard to the flyers, with APD releasing a statement on their Facebook early this afternoon.

Neighbors who had these flyers thrown in their yard say there’s absolutely no place in Abilene for hate such as this.

Wiser and Owen say, “Just to let the folks who dropped this in my yard know that it’s not welcomed here. They picked the wrong neighborhood, the wrong city to do this in.”