ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The last of a trio of suspects connected to multiple burglaries in Abilene has been arrested. 

Samuel Ndayishimiye was booked into the Taylor County Jail Wednesday on two counts of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity. He remains held in jail on bonds totaling $65,000.

Prior to Ndayishimiye’s arrest, suspect Jamyl Taylor was booked into jail on two counts of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity in April, and suspect Jermaine Tucker was booked into jail on one court of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity in March. Both have since been released on bond. 

All arrests are connected to an investigation that began in October 2020 when an apartment was forcibly entered and several items were taken from inside. 

Court documents state surveillance video of the crime showed the suspects and their vehicle, allowing detectives to identify Tucker, Ndayishimiye, Taylor, and an unnamed juvenile as the individuals involved in the crime. 

The juvenile gave a statement that further implicated Tucker, Ndayishimiye, and Taylor, and the ongoing investigation revealed this trio could have been involved in a 2nd burglary in Taylor County in November 2020, according to the documents, which state Shanna Stump and a man (name has been redacted because KTAB and KRBC can find no record of a warrant or his arrest), were also named as suspects in the 2nd burglary. 

In this burglary, the documents state the father of a homeowner on Sylvan Avenue was able to contfront several of the suspects as they were placing items into piles and bags, but no items were actually taken. The father went to the home after an alarm alerted the owner. 

Subsequent interviews with the sususpects further confrimed Stump, Ndayishimiye, and Taylor were involved in this crime.

Stump was arrested at the beginning of August for one court of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity then was released from jail after posting a $25,000 bond. 

No further information has been released.