Murder Trial Day 1: Witnesses describe shooting on Jones County road


JONES COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Two witnesses of a fatal shooting in Jones County testified during day one of a murder trial, saying they both called 9-1-1 after finding the victim in a ditch clinging to life. 

The first witness, who lived in the neighborhood, said he stopped on CR 341 the morning March 4, 2017 because he saw a blue truck stopped in the road with the doors open.

After pulling over, he heard three gunshots, followed by muzzle flashes, then saw the victim, Dusty Childress, fall over into a ditch before the blue truck sped away. 

This witness says he called 9-1-1 while Childress’ wife, who had just arrived at the scene, was heard screaming in the background. 

He didn’t, according to his testimony, get a good look at the shooter.

The second witness, also a neighbor, said Childress’ wife was already performing CPR when he arrived at the scene. 

He too called 9-1-1 after noticing Childress was unconscious and appeared to be deceased. 

He testified that as he was driving up, he saw muzzle flashes then the observed the driver of the blue truck flee the scene. 

This witness says he got a glimpse of the shooter, who he described as a tall, white male with short hair, but when asked if the shooter was present in the courtroom, the witness was not able to identify anyone, including the suspect on trial for murder – known gang member Wesley Dale Mason. 

Mason’s trial will continue throughout the week. 

Both Mason and Childress were shot during the altercation on CR 341, according to Jones County Sheriff Greg Arnwine, who says Childress was riding a motorcycle and Mason was inside a truck during the incident.

Childress’ death is the second local murder Mason has been connected to in the past two years.

Mason is accused of helping John Patrick Gutierrez bury the body of Carey Rod Tate after Tate was killed inside his Abilene apartment in December of 2014.

Court documents say Mason provided a dog crate which was used to move Tate’s body from the apartment to a shallow grave on Highway 277 in Hawley.

In May of 2016, Mason pleaded guilty to a Tampering with Evidence charge connected to this incident and was sentenced to eight years of probation. Gutierrez pleaded guilty to charges related to Tate’s murder in September of the same year and sentenced to life.

Mason also had an Aggravated Assault charge connected to a stabbing between rival biker clubs at Logan’s Roadhouse in 2013 dropped as part of his Tampering with Evidence plea agreement.

Bandido Biker Club leader Curtis Jack Lewis was found not guilty of his part in the stabbing.

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