Report reveals crime rates unaffected by Ring doorbell despite expectation


WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KFDX/KJTL) — In 2018, the home security company Ring began to partner with law enforcement agencies across the country in the name of public safety; however, NBC News recently reported that Ring’s impact may be minimal at best.

Ring’s pitch to law enforcement agencies was that their cameras would help reduce crime and assist with investigations; that remains to be seen by law enforcement.

Law enforcement agencies that partnered with Ring can’t find a correlation between partnering with Ring and a decline in crime.

Just because it doesn’t necessarily help law enforcement agencies doesn’t mean it can’t help citizens.

The Wichita Falls Police Department does not partner with Ring, but when investigations happen around residential surveillance, they will certainly use what they can.

A woman we talked to sent some of her Ring camera footage and WFPD used it in their investigation.

“Surveillance video surveillance, evidence of any kind is one of the things to look for,” WFPD Community Services Supervisor Harold McClure said. “And the Ring, these security monitoring systems are a great way to get that.”

When Amazon Ring partners with a law enforcement agency, the agency can request access to users’ videos directly through the Neighbors app.

Since these partnerships have only been in existence for a few years, there’s no data to collect to review if these partnerships are reducing crime. With an investigation being launched Wednesday by the US House Committee on Oversight and Reform, these partnerships don’t exactly say “Crime Stopper.”

Everyone knows that with the Ring doorbell, the Neighbors app will alert the residents if anyone walks up to their door. They can watch and respond and try to ward off invaders.

While WFPD may not partner with Ring, citizens are encouraged to get surveillance to block out any intruders.

“You want to make it a high risk, low reward meaning ‘ok that home that’s gonna be a high risk for me to break in because it has lights, the windows are locked, it’s got security cameras’,” said McClure. “So anything that you can do to make your home a high-risk target for the criminals, that’s what you wanna do.”

Package thieves may still be unfazed at the discreet doorbell camera. If someone receives packages when no one is home, people can ask the carrier to hide it from street view.

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