TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A Taylor County mother and daughter have been charged with six counts of animal cruelty for allegedly neglecting animals they were hired to care for, causing one to die and another to suffer severe dehydration.

Lindsi Wallis and her mother Christina Lindsey were both arrested Thursday and booked into the Taylor County Jail on six counts of Cruelty to Animals each in connection to the incident, which happened in July 2023.

Court documents state a Taylor County family hired Wallis and Lindsey to take care of two dogs, a cat, and a fish while they were on vacation for a week.

The mother and daughter were supposed to feed and water the animals, as well as let the dogs outside twice a day, in exchange for $200.

When the family arrived home from vacation, the documents state they found one of their dogs dead and the other unable to move due to severe dehydration.

“There was urine, feces, and vomit on the floors,” the documents reveal. “There was no water or food for the pets since there had been nobody there in three days.”

Security cameras around the home showed Wallis and Lindsey come sporadically and never more than once a day, always without staying long enough to feed the animals or let the dogs out as expected. The documents state they did not show up at all for three days in a row.

During an interview, the documents state Wallis admitted to leaving one of the dogs chained up overnight then finding her dead the next morning. Temperatures were in excess of 100 degrees in July 2023.

Both Wallis and Lindsey were released from the Taylor County Jail on bonds totaling $36,000 each.