TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – More suspects are going to be arrested in connection to the murder of a teen girl who was shot and killed at a party in Taylor County last year.

During a press conference Thursday morning, Sheriff Ricky Bishop said the shooting happened at a ‘Snap Chat Party’, where more than 150 attendees gathered after seeing it advertised on social media – most of whom didn’t know each other.

At some point during the party, there was a fight where shots were fired, one hitting and killing 19-year-old Megan Kirkland.

Of the 150 attendees, Sheriff Bishop said only about 15 remained by the time officers arrived on scene, and tracking down the others took several months because very few wanted to come forward with information.

“For whatever reason this generation of kids they don’t want to talk to anybody – social media is their best friend they don’t want to help law enforcement,” Bishop explained during the press conference. “Everyone wants justice for Megan, but very few actually came up to give us that information to get justice for Megan.”

The party attendees came to the party on Fulweiler Road in Taylor County from several different locations, including Ranger, Albany, Sweetwater, and San Angelo.

Sheriff Bishop says finding and interviewing these attendees is what delayed the arrests in Kirkland’s murder for so long.

From left to right: George Girard Johnson, Jr., Stephanie Maldonado Avalos, Kimberly Limas, and Ramon Aguirres, Jr.

Wednesday, four suspects were arrested in connection to the crime – George Girard Johnson, Jr. who is charged with Murder, and Stephanie Maldonado Avalos, Kimberly Limas, and Ramon Aguirres, Jr., who are all charged with Tampering with Evidence.

A fifth suspect, Yahayra “Heidi” Gutierrez, is also wanted for Tampering with Evidence, and Sheriff Bishop says he expects additional arrest warrants to be issued for other suspects in the coming weeks.

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