COLORADO CITY, Texas ( – Family of a victim of a Colorado City shooting suspect is speaking out while he remains at large. The family hopes to have the suspect arrested before he can hurt anyone else. This is their account.

BigCountryHomepage spoke with a family member of Colorado City shooting suspect, Marcus Stanford’s girlfriend and victim. Out of respect for the family, as they remain in fear of retaliation involving violence and possibly death, we will be keeping their identity anonymous.

“My hope is that we can catch him before he does murder somebody… I’m 100% certain that he will,” the anonymous source told BCH in a phone call Friday afternoon.

Colorado City Police Department (CCPD) said Stanford ran off after a firing a gun at the Relax Inn Tuesday morning, and still has not been found. Police believes he may still be in Colorado City, but he could also be in the Sweetwater area or be on his way to California.

Stanford is also believed to have several friends helping him in his evasion.

“She (unnamed woman rumored to be helping Stanford) needs to be held accountable… She’s a threat to society,” anonymous said.

Per this family member, they’ve detailed a timeline of events as to what led to and followed after a firearm went off.

Stanford and his girlfriend were staying at the Relax Inn in Colorado City, spending some time there for an event Monday night. At some point during the night, the young woman decided she’d go back to her hotel room to sleep, but Stanford elected to stay out.

The loved one of the victim told BCH Stanford had a history of violence and was a toxic boyfriend. Come Tuesday morning, he allegedly calls his girlfriend and accuses her of flirting with someone else, “He said he was coming for her.”

His girlfriend, who was said to be in her early 20s, reached out to a trusted person for a ride to get away from Stanford. Unfortunately, Stanford would reach the hotel before her ride would.

As this second-hand account goes, Stanford attacked his girlfriend and she does her best to defend herself. He pulled out a firearm, hit her with it, then held it to her head.

“Very heinous,” described anonymous of Stanford’s character. “He has no regard for human life. He needs to be in prison.”

In fighting back, Stanford’s girlfriend allegedly moved her arm just before the trigger was pulled and fully engaged. It fired off next to her ear and hit her wrist as she was moving it with her arm.

Soon after, both the suspect and victim ran out of the hotel in opposite directions. The victim’s family member said she was found by passersby, and they took her to an emergency room nearby.

Out of fear, details on the young woman’s conditions are not being released at this time.

“My family has been living in a state of fear,” anonymous explained. “We are not going to stand by and allow this man to rob us of our peace.”

This anonymous source told BCH her family just wants him to be arrested so that they can, hopefully, return to a sense of normal someday.

Until then, “As long as he is at large… People are in danger. The next step for him is murder.”

Stanford is described as Black in race, 5’9″ in height. He has brown eyes, black hair, and tattoos on his neck.

Call the Colorado City Police Department immediately at (325) 728-5294 if you have information on Stanford’s whereabouts. He is wanted for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

“[We have to] Put a stop to his trail of violence before he murders somebody,” added anonymous.