ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – An Abilene bank employee is being hailed a hero after fighting off a robber and making him flee without any money.

The robber gained access to the inside of First State Bank on the 3100 block of S. Treadaway Blvd last week, ambushing Jill Beatty, a 39-year veteran of the banking industry, as she was opening up for the day.

Police say Beatty maintained her composure and was complying with the suspect’s demands, but everything changed when he co-worker arrived for her shift.

Chief Stan Standridge says Beatty went into “momma bear mode” and began attacking the armed robber to keep her co-worker safe.

Video surveillance of the attack shows Beatty charge the suspect and begin hitting, pushing, and kicking him until he ran out the door without taking a single thing.

During the assault, Beatty was hit on the head with the suspect’s firearm but sustained only minor injuries and the other employee was unscathed.

Beatty received a Certificate of Commendation from Chief Standridge for her bravery and for being “quite a remarkable person”.

Chief Standridge recommends banks have their employees open up the store in teams of two to help prevent similar attacks, as well as maintain an optimal safe environment by trimming down the bushes at the entrance of their business and keeping other landscaping factors in mind.

The suspect involved in this robbery is also accused of robbing other banks in Abilene and Clyde over the past several years.

Police released a description and sketches of him during a press conference Wednesday.

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