AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Over 2,000 miles across eight different states. There is no question the Historic Route 66 is well-traveled. If you are making your way through the Texas Panhandle, there are a couple of stops on the 66 where you can get your kicks.

One of those is a tourist favorite is Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, which represents the evolution of the iconic tail-fin.

“In 1974, Stanley Marsh III got with an art group in San Francisco called the Ant Farm, and they got together and put 10 Cadillacs in the ground about two miles closer to Amarillo,” Property manager of Cadillac Ranch, Bryan Brumley explained.

Brumley said the ranch drives in over one million visitors per year.

“Lots and lots of pictures, so many pictures and lots of spray paint. It’s a Route 66 feel here and Americana,” Brumley added.

“Actually, it’s kinda cool to see everybody gets to paint,” one tourist from Tennessee explained.

“I’ve seen people get married out here, people get engaged here,” Brumley said.

If you are not getting hitched, you can drive to the city of Shamrock, home to the U-Drop Inn and Conoco Tower, both built in the 1930s.

“It’s really cool, I’m really liking the small-town vibe,” one tourist from Northern California explained.

These stops are just a couple of timely tips for your next road trip.

The best part about them is that they’re stops completely free. You can also visit the Slug Bug Ranch in Conway, Texas.