TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A canvass of the recent 2022 November Elections shows nearly 40,000 voters cast ballots in Taylor County, but some of their votes didn’t count.

In total, 39,605 votes were cast in Taylor County during the election November 8, 2022, which is nearly half of the 86,137 registered voters.

22 of these voters were considered “fleeing”, meaning their votes didn’t count because they put their ballot in their pocket or purse and walked out without finishing the voting process.

Although volunteers try to prevent this from happening, there is no way for them to catch everyone, and it doesn’t mean that everyone will be compliant. One fleeing voter was confronted and reminded that he needed to scan his ballot before leaving for it to count, but he refused, saying he wanted a copy to keep.

77 votes that were officially cast also didn’t count because the voters were not registered anywhere or were registered outside of Taylor County.

Lastly, 102 provisional ballots were cast, most of which were the result of a glitch in the Texas Department of Public Safety voter registration system. 25 of these 102 provisional ballots did end up reaching legitimacy and counted toward the election.

Taylor County also played a part in re-electing candidates to key Texas positions, with 76.94% of local voters showing support for Republicans in statewide races.

Police only had to be called to Taylor County polling locations twice, for minor issues such as people who wanted to film the voting process with their phones.