Abilene Gives is May 2nd and as the big day approaches we are speaking with a variety of local non-profits serving the Abilene area.

We speak with Big Country Aids Resources to learn about the support and care they provide to people with HIV.

Your tax deductible gift to BCAR, a 501(c)(3) health care and community services agency will help to provide health care and social services to those who cannot, for whatever reason, help themselves.

$25 allows BCAR to continue our outreach and education programs for patients, clients and students at local Universities

$35 provides to BCAR’s on-site Food Pantry where food and nutritional supplements are provided for patients and clients and those that support them

$50 allows the BCAR medical team to provide basic vitamins and supplements to those deficient in essential nutrients for one month

$75 provides assistance with health care co-payments, deductibles and out of pocket costs that otherwise prohibit patients from receiving necessary health care

$100 helps provide temporary housing assistance in emergency situations

$125 provides a dental examination and cleaning at BCAR’s on-site dental clinic for 1 patient

$150 pays for lab and blood work for one person to determine levels of need and treatment

$175 provides a medical examination and evaluation for patients with treatment plans and necessary referrals

Abilene Gives
Tuesday, May 2nd
8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Give to BCAR or the many other nonprofits participating in Abilene Gives here
Click here to learn more about Big Country AIDS Resources