Abilene Gives is May 2nd and as the big day approaches we are speaking with a variety of local non-profits serving the Abilene area.

We talk with Big Country Wildlife Rehabilitation Center about their work providing quality care for native wildlife

Big Country Wildlife wants the community to not only know about the organization and the resource we provide but they are 100% volunteer facility. All funds to continue the mission is from the community.

This year Big Country Wildlife’s goal this year is to raise funds for a new building as they grow with the needs of wildlife and our community.

Big Country Wildlife rescues and rehabilitates all small mammals in the Big Country. That includes squirrels up to coyotes. Big Country Wildlife quarantines our rabies vector species then vaccinate and release on approved land by owners. This helps with decrease disease spread. Big Country Wildlife also provide educational programs like our annual Keep Wildlife Wild camp every October where kids come and learn about the importance of wildlife conservation and coexistence through hands on activities.

Abilene Gives
Tuesday, May 2nd
8:00 am – 8:00 pm
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Learn more about Big Country Wildlife Rehabilitation Center