This Saturday Abilene Community Theatre is partnering with local organizations to provide entertainment and education. The event will host speakers representing organizations the theatre calls Angels in the Big Country such as The Big Country AIDS Resources Center (BCAR), Exodus Metropolitan Community Church, The Abilene Recovery Council, The Abilene Pride Alliance (APA), and Serenity House.

The event will also feature drag performances by Cecilia Ford, Lady PT, and special guest Mystique Summers of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2. The event is to promote The Abilene Community Theatre’s upcoming production of Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama Angels In America: Millennium Approaches. Tickets for the play will available for the discounted price of $10 at the event.

Guest speakers:
Scottie Shelton – Exodus Metropolitan Community Church
Trina Nelson, Tresha Miller, Randa Russell – Serenity House
James Wagstaff – Big Country AIDs Resourses (BCAR)
Cindy Frazier – Abilene Recovery Council
Blaine Beyer – Abilene Pride Alliance

Cecilia Ford – Host and performer
Adrian Johnson – Co-Host
Zalieah Reignz Paris – Performer
Davina D’Onyx – Performer
Lady PT – Performer
Mystique Summers – Season 2 contestant of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Doors open at 6:30 PM
There will be free STI testing in ACT’s black box theatre next door to the main building.
Show starts at 7:30pm – 10:00pm with one intermission

Angels in the Big Country
Abilene Community Theatre
809 Barrow St.
August 6th, 2022
Doors Open: 6:30 pm
Event Begins: 7:30 pm
Free and Family Friendly