Frontier Texas will host its annual series of Saturday Shootouts during the months of March, May, June, and July, 2023. This historical drama is based on the true events of the Abilene Pine Street Shootout of 1884 that occurred on the northeast corner of North 1st and Pine Street.

You and your family can come and witness the dramatization of this historic event hosted by Frontier Texas based on the true event of the 1884 Pine Street Shootout. You will be immersed in the drama and excitement of what it might have been like to witness the shootout just a few years after Abilene was founded. During this time, Abilene had just started making progress toward a more law-abiding town to appeal to the many railroad travelers and in the process caused tension amongst the townspeople, lawmen, and leaders.

The shootout starts at “high noon” (12:00 pm) on the Parade Grounds (outdoor courtyard) and will last about 10 minutes. Afterward there will be an opportunity for you and your family to interact with the characters and hear a little bit about the history of the Pine Street Shootout! Be sure to arrive a little early so you don’t miss the first draw.

Upcoming Saturday Shoutout Dates:
March: March 11, March 18
May: May 20, May 27
June: June 3, June 17, June 24
July: July 1

About Frontier Texas
Frontier Texas is an interactive museum experience, where history comes to life. The museum is
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