How to protect your pet from holiday hazards


The holidays are a joyous time for us humans but there are some dangers for your pets you need to keep in mind.

Information from Windmill Animal Hospital:

  • Christmas decorations:  Cats climb Christmas trees and can get tangled up; dogs will grab ornaments and can cut their mouths or swallow them and cause obstructions; cats & dogs can chew Christmas light wires and get electrocuted, poinsettias and mistletoe are poisonous
  • Christmas presents:  Dogs & cats can easily detect edible Christmas gifts, no matter how well-wrapped; chocolate is highly toxic, raisins/grapes cause kidney problems, sugar-free products can cause fatal hypoglycemia–don’t put edible items where pets can get to them!
  • Christmas guests:  Any time people are coming in and out of the house more than usual, pets can sneak out and get lost/hit by car/attacked by other animals–keep an eye on your pets, or put them in a back bedroom!
  • Christmas weather:  It’s cold this time of year!  make sure outdoor pets & livestock have access to shelter, and that their water sources stay thawed.  They also need a lot more food this time of year, to metabolize to stay war.
  • Christmas puppies & kittens:  Don’t stress yourself and everybody else out–pick up the Christmas kitten and/or Christmas puppy AFTER Christmas!

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