Chorus Abilene will soon hold auditions for the 2023 Abilene Idol competition. Here’s what you need to know for your audition.

-All decades and genres of music are encouraged!
-The registration form and the audition fee should be sent and paid online.
-The registration form includes contact information and permission to use photos and recordings at auditions for publicity purposes.
-Parents must sign consent forms for minors.
-Contestants may bring a guitar or other handheld instrument; a keyboard and amp will be provided by Chorus Abilene.
-Use of a backup CD/MP3 is encouraged; a cappella singing is permissible for audition only.
-CD/MP3 should be ready to play for the contestant’s two (2) minute performance time.
-Microphone & sound system provided.
-Performance time of two (2) minutes.
-Consider your song carefully. You will perform the same song for the Finale, should you be chosen.

Seven soloists will be chosen in the adult category (16+), as well as eight soloists in the junior category (ages 6-15). The finalists will be announced at the conclusion of auditions, after judges confer, at the Mall of Abilene. Finalists will have an additional release/agreement form.
-All finalists agree to perform at the Finale and be timely with paperwork and headshot appearance.
-Finalists must also agree to do their best to raise at least $1,000 via votes or sponsorships.

Scoring of the Feb. 24th Finale performances will be composed of three components:
-Contestants may solicit an unlimited number of $1 “pre-votes” (20% of the total vote) with a cut-off at 1:00 PM, Friday, Feb. 11th.
-Audience members on Feb. 24th will have one text vote per phone (20%).
-A three-judge panel will render a consensus opinion (60%).

-Adult winners receive $500 for First Place; $400 for Second Place; $300 for Third Place.
-Junior winners receive $300 for First Place; $200 for Second Place; $100 for Third Place.
-Adult and junior winners agree to perform for the 2024 Abilene Idol Finale and the adult solo winner agrees to judge 2024 Auditions.

Abilene Idol Auditions
Mall of Abilene- Woman’s Dillards Courtyard
4310 Buffalo Gap Rd.
Saturday, January 21st
11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Entry fee: $25 in advance
$30 on the day

Abilene Idol Finale
The Paramount Theatre
352 Cypress St.
Friday, February 24th
7:00 pm