Read down your fee at The Abilene Public Library


Information from The Abilene Public Library:

Reading Program at your Abilene Public Library designed to offer
programming to help lower fines on minors’ library cards.

How Does It Work?
If you’re a minor (ages 17 or younger) with late fees on your library card, this is the program for
you. Visit any Abilene Public Library location to attend one of our regular READ DOWN YOUR
FINES events and sign in at the circulation desk to participate. For every 15 minutes you spend
reading in a designated Read Down Your Fines reading area, you’ll earn $0.50 in vouchers. These
can then be used to reduce late fees on your Abilene Public Library account.

What are the Rules?
For library cards of minors only (up to age 17).
Applies to overdue and lost card fees.
Every 15 minutes = $0.50 off fines.
Participant reads/attends programs to earn vouchers.
Use vouchers on the day they are earned.
Vouchers are not transferable and have no cash value.
Minimum reading time of 15 minutes.
Only print/audio materials; no devices (i.e. e-Books, digital audiobooks, etc).
You must read in the designated Read Down Your Fines area.
Reading must take place during a Read Down Your Fine event.
Children who are non-readers can earn vouchers by attending special programs or
listening to someone reading to them.

There will several Read Down Your Fines events throughout the year
at all Abilene Public Library branches. Call 325-677-2474 or check out
our calendar at

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