Devaughn is a very happy, friendly and outgoing child.

He enjoys activities that get him up and active.

Devaughn enjoys every type of sports with his favorites being football, basketball, and track. He also loves to swim and go to the park.

Future of the Family: Devaughn, 10

This 10-year-old has a very curious and inquisitive personality! He loves to examine and take apart objects to see how they work. This hands-on curiosity speaks to his love of investigative science.

Devaughn also loves a nice glass of warmed up chocolate milk, but he will try to drink it all in one gulp!

He is well liked by all of his teachers and they constantly note how much he has grown in the time that he has been at his school.

At times, he needs reminders to follow directions, but when reminded respectfully, he is easily redirected.

Devaughn can have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time and can be easily distracted.

He loves to be recognized by those older than him and works hard to gain their approval.

Devaughn also loves attending his local church and participating in their children’s activities.

Family Profile

Devaughn has specifically expressed a preference for a family that is structured with rules and has a regular morning and night routine. He says this keeps him focused and better equips him to do well at home and school.

He will benefit from a family who eats healthier meals, he does not want to eat junk food or fast food regularly.

Devaughn will thrive in a family who enjoys going outside and will be active with him. His family will attend his sports games and cheer him on!

This young man has expressed a desire to join a family with other children in the home he can play with, and hopefully, animals in the house as well.

About Me

“I like to learn and play with new things to see how they work,” said Devaughn. “I love being playful and active especially in sports.”

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