Mark is an outgoing kid with a great personality. He is articulate and engaging.

This 10-year-old is very active and likes to keep busy. His hobbies include playing video games and watching TV.

Future of the Family: Mark, 10

Favorite foods? Mark’s got a few! They are burritos, spaghetti and alfredo.

Mark’s favorite past time is playing soccer.

He loves to be around people, but also enjoys his quiet time.

Mark always looks forward to the school year because he enjoys going to school and being with his friends. He gets along with his peers and cherishes his friendships.

He has a very good sense of humor and is playful.

Mark is an advocate for himself. He has a very big heart and takes other people’s feeling into consideration.

Mark will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Family Profile

Mark would do well in a two-parent home. His forever family will support his daily needs.

This family should be active and loving. He likes to have responsibilities in the home.

Mark is looking for a patient family that is loving and committed. Mark would be successful in a home that supports his needs and ideas.

About Me

“I think I am funny and fun to be around. I think I am good at soccer,” Mark said. “I like to have my bedroom neat and clean. I always make my bed. I like to try new foods.”

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