Adolph is a bright young man with a smile that lights up his face!

Future of the Family: Adolph, 11

This 11-year-old enjoys being around friends and going to do fun things. He likes to be involved in many activities and stay busy. He likes to play video games, watch movies, or toss the football around with his peers.

Adolph does well in school and his favorite three things about school are recess, P.E. and lunch. He loves to eat ribs, steak, and chicken.

This boy is full of energy and enjoys playing on his hoverboard outside or relaxing inside and playing on his Nintendo Switch. He also enjoys watching funny videos that make him laugh.

Adolph loves to make new friends. He is a respectful individual who leads with his heart in all he does.

The incoming middle schooler struggles with acting without thinking and is constantly switching from one activity to another.

Adolph responds well to positive reinforcement, and praise encourages his spirit and keeps him uplifted. He benefits from soft-spoken explanations and frequent reminders.

Family Profile

Adolph may respond best to an experienced family, preferably who has other children in the home around the same age range.

He would like his family to include a mother and father or just a mother.

Adolph is very resilient and he could do well in a variety of homes.

He would probably do best in a family that is active and enjoys participating in activities. Adolph really enjoys sports and would like to find either siblings or adoptive parents who will throw a ball around with him and take him to different, cool places.

About Me

“I like Nerf guns and watching funny videos on YouTube,” Adolph said.

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