Serinaty is a stunningly beautiful blonde headed girl who is fun and full of life.

Future of the Family: Serinaty, 11

She is a girlie girl and like to play dress up and to wear pretty dresses. She has her own sense of style!

She likes to draw and color, and she is artistic.

She has had an introduction to yoga, which she loves, and would do well in dance classes. She loves music and movement.

Serinaty can be very kind and caring and is quick to offer a soothing pat or hug when someone is upset. She responds extremely well to encouragement and praise.

Serinaty is below grade level but she is eager to learn.

She wants to please others and is caring about other people’s feelings. She is very likable, charismatic and very loving. Serinaty will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Family Profile

Serinaty’s forever family will be a loving family. Preferably without other children, due to her difficulty of engaging in relationships with other children.

Serinaty struggles with competing for attention when around other children her own age. Serinaty does do better around older children whom she doesn’t feel the need to compete with on a daily basis.

Serinaty’s family should be patient and willing to take the time to slowly build a relationship with her. Serinaty’s family will provide one on one attention as she has often been neglected of this healthy, nurturing attention during her childhood.

Serinaty’s family will read to her and have patience to teach her daily skills many children her age already know. Serinaty’s forever family will not give up on her.

About Me

I love to play dress up and wear dresses. I love to listen to music and dance.

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