Meat Dean!

The folks at 2INgage describe Dean as a very loving, thoughtful, emotional, and energetic boy. He loves to play and be on the go.

Future of the Family: Dean, 12, Apr. 2022

Dean likes to do outdoor activities like riding his bike, hiking, fishing, swimming, and playing basketball.

Though, he also enjoys reading and keeping to himself.

Dean also likes playing on his tablet and playing video games indoors.

This pre-teen loves hot fries and pizza.

He enjoys building things and taking things apart.

Dean has an inquisitive mind and wants to know how things work. He will often try to figure out things, above what is typical for his age, and continue trying until he understands, or when told the answers to his questions.

Dean is a very resilient child who will not give up on his hopes and dreams.

Family Profile

Dean is wanting a family in Texas. He would prefer to stay close to the north Texas area, as he desires to be close to his siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, and remain in contact with them in some way.

He wants a mom, dad, and lots of animals.

Dean likes the idea of older siblings who he can look up to as role models. Dean just wants his family to love him for who he is.

About Me

“I want a family to call my own, who will love me, take care of me, and be patient with me forever,” Dean said.

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