Emori is a sweet and caring young lady. She loves to learn new things and recently started practicing calligraphy.

This teen also enjoys cooking new recipes and trying new foods. Her favorite foods are pizza, chicken and hamburgers.

Emori is musically talented, and she enjoys playing the ukulele in her spare time. She also enjoys drawing and listening to music. Emori likes to help with animals, as well.

She loves to be outside, but also likes to get dressed up and put on makeup.

Emori needs plenty of love and guidance. She is learning how to advocate for herself and speak up in times of need.

This 14-year-old is described as a good friend to others. She thrives in a structured environment that encourages her to explore her difficult feelings and talk about them.

Emori does well in school and enjoys her reading, science and math classes in school.

Family Profile

Emori will benefit from a family with structure and will show her a lot of support.

She would like a family who participates in a lot of outdoor activities.

Emori needs to feel a sense of security from her family. She hopes to find a family who shows patience.

About Me

“I care what others think of me,” said Emori. “I am nice and caring.”

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