Javier, who prefers to go by Javi, is a sweet, loving, and energetic young man.

Future of the Family: Javi, 14

He enjoys playing with kids his age, playing outside and spending time with friends and family.

Javi also loves playing his violin and guitar.

This 14-year-old does very well with one-on-one interactions and is receptive to strong role models. He really values his family and wants to have a positive relationship with his relatives.

Javi has a sweet personality and is a little introverted, but once he is comfortable with his surroundings he is the life of the party.

Family Profile

Javi’s ideal family will have a lot of patience, structure, and willingness to work with Javier.

They will provide the one-on-one attention he needs in order to feel heard, and will build his self-esteem and personal boundaries.

Javi wants to be the only child, but does very well with children his age.

He is very excited about having a family who will be supportive of him and his emotional needs.

About Me

“I am wanting a family who embraces who I am and allows me to be safe,” Javi said.

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