Kaden is a very smart, bright, and loving child.

This 14-year-old enjoys all kinds of things, and is willing to try anything! He likes playing games on his phone and computer. He also loves to play basketball, enjoys music and playing the violin.

Future of the Family: Kaden, 14

He spends a lot of time playing video games- especially Roblox.

Kaden is a natural leader and enjoys being looked up to by other kids. He likes being given responsibilities by adults, as it makes him feel mature and respected.

His favorite animals are cats and would like to have one in his future.

This teen has a vivid imagination and has great plans for his future. After he graduates high school, Kaden said he wants to attend Harvard University to study law to become a lawyer.

Family Profile

Kaden will benefit from an active family, who also maintains a strict schedule.

He would do well with a family that is willing to meet him where he is and provide the support and love needed for him. He would do best with a family who can give him individualized attention. He would love his own room, as well.

Kaden would like a family that is open to allowing him to have continued contact with his biological grandmother.

About Me

“I am an outgoing and social boy who like cats, enjoys playing basketball, attending school and community events,” Kaden said. “And like to play outside, as well.

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