Payton is a bright and energetic young man! He enjoys participating in sports, and he recently finished up playing baseball and running track for his junior high school this season. Payton also enjoys playing basketball and football.

Future of the Family: Payton, 14

This 14-year old enjoys being outdoors and desires a family with whom he can do activities with such as playing sports, swimming, or playing pool. Payton enjoys being outside and staying busy.

Like his peers, Payton likes playing Xbox.

Payton enjoys eating burgers, pizza, and tacos. He has a good sense of humor and is very intelligent and intuitive.

Like many teens, at times Payton can be defiant or have trouble accepting responsibility for his actions. Overall, Payton is a wonderful kid who has a bright future ahead of him!

Family Profile

Payton is very resilient, and he could do well in a variety of homes. He needs a family who will give him time to get comfortable in the home and let him come out of his shell at his own pace.

This teen will probably do best in a family who is active and enjoys participating in activities. He really enjoys sports and would like to find either siblings or adoptive parents who will throw a ball around with him.

Payton would love to be in a forever home with animals, especially a dog. He does very well with animals!

About Me

“I am looking for an active family who can be my forever home,” Payton said.

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