Jose has a smile that can light up a room! He tends to be on the shy side, so he does not always show his grin until he has a chance to get to know someone. However, one he gets to know you, Jose opens up.

Future of the Family: Jose, 15

He is intuitive of others and their needs. Jose is a sweet child who loves to help others and make them smile. He is also affectionate and loves to give and receive hugs.

This 15-year-old does well in school and is very intelligent. He is committed to finishing high school and attending college.

Jose hopes to participate in extracurricular activities one day, like football.

He wants to feel included and describes himself as a non-typical teen. To this point, Jose has stated he wants to be around his family and not seclude himself in his room like many teenagers do.

As Jose’s heritage is very important to him, he wants to continue with traditions.

At times, he uses colorful language, though he is currently working on becoming a better version of himself by changing his attitude and outlook.

Jose will benefit from a structured home environment to give him the predictability he needs and make him feel safe.

Family Profile

Jose is passionate about wanting his own family and to feel included.

He will respond well to a mom and dad in the home. Although, he favors a one-parent home with a mother.

Jose would like the family to be compassionate and patient with him.

He wants a family with either no children or few other children in the home. While Jose gets along with other children very well, he would prefer not to have many siblings.

Jose will thrive in a family with structure and clear rules and boundaries, as he can be rambunctious at times.

He would like a home with a yard where he can play catch. Jose’s ideal family will be one who enjoys trips to the movies, especially movies that make him laugh.

About Me

“I like to laugh,” said Jose, “and make others laugh!”

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