Kamoria is a resilient teenager who is a loyal friend and compassionate with others.

This teenager is a “smart cookie” and catches on to new material quickly.

Future of the Family: Kamoria, 16

She enjoys school, likes learning new material and intellectually growing.

In the future, Kamoria would like to attend college where she can expand her knowledge in animal science studies, she would like to one day be an animal rehabilitator.

Kamoria enjoys playing softball, being around animals of all kinds – except spiders – and appreciates clean hygiene and good self care.

In her spare time, Kamoria enjoys making new friends at church and meeting other people who ‘make a positive impact on her life.’

She is an outgoing teenager who reaches out to others when she sees that they are struggling. She has close relationships with her friend Jane and her Granny.

Kamoria’s close friend Jane said, “Kamoria needs a caregiver who will be her champion in life, knows how important connection is, will encourage her to be her best, find great delight in her and will never give up on her.”

Family Profile

Kamoria’s forever family will be a family with/or without other children.

She is an active child that would benefit from a family that is also active. Kamoria would enjoy a family that also feels passionately about the love and care of animals.

About Me

“I would like someone who is kind and understanding. I would also like someone who has a passion for animals. I like to hang out with the people I love,” Kamoria said. “I like to make the best out of situations where others are involved.”

To inquire about Kamoria, please contact Beverly Hutchins by clicking here.