Danica and Dominic are a close pair of siblings! They each get along well with those around them, as well as each other.

Future of the Family: Danica, 14, and Dominic, 15

Both kids enjoy attending church and youth group.

The siblings like going on outings in the community and hanging out with their friends. They enjoy being outside at times, but also like playing video games indoors.

15-year-old Dominic and 14-year-old Danica share the same interest in music. They enjoy introducing each other to new music and songs. Both children each participate in the school choir and just love music.

They share many similarities, but they are individual in their own way. Dominic enjoys meeting new people and loves to talk. Danica is more reserved and quieter than her brother. Dominic can be a little naïve at times, while Danica is more mature.

They are both very sweet, likable kids who look forward to joining their forever family!

Family Profile

Dominic and Danica will benefit from a family who will provide stability and structure. They get along well with other children and make friends easily.

Their family will demonstrate patience and kindness toward the children.

Dominic and Danica will enjoy participating in new traditions within their forever family.

The children will benefit from a family who encourages them to maintain a relationship with their birth family.

About Us

“We like going out and doing fun things together,” the brother and sister said.

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