“Two peas in a pod:” Inseparable toddlers Nick and Jaice looking for forever family

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Nick is a sweet, loving, well behaved little boy. Nick loves making people happy, he is quick to help out with any task. Nick is a great helper and loves helping his foster mom put up clothes and pickup toys around the house. Nick enjoys playing as much as quite time. Nick will do well in calm, patient, and loving home. Nick’s ideal home would have two parents that enjoy giving him the one on one time he truly deserves. Nick is learning how to say words very well and is catching up in school. Nick loves going to pre-school and has several friends in his class. Nick’s favorite subject is Art. Nick is always happy to show you his Artwork. Nick loves having bedtime stories read to him.

Jaice is an extremely bright little boy. Jaice loves being outside playing with other kids. Jaice has tons of energy, and does not like taking naps. Jaice has graduated from speech therapy and has started talking up a storm in the last few months. Jaice loves coloring, arts, and crafts, and going on adventures. Jaice is well behaved for the most part, he does occasionally throw temper tantrums, which last for less than two minutes. Jaice is on target for his age. Jaice loves attention and may need some one-on-one time with his new family. Jaice would do best in a very active home. Jaice is very attached to his older brother Nick, they have always remained together. Jaice and Nick are best friends and enjoy doing most activities together.


Jaice and Nick are two peas in a pod, they have always remained together. Jaice and Nick are best friends and enjoy doing most activities together. Jaice and Nick have different needs. Jaice is very active and Nick enjoys a slower pace at times. The ideal family would be the perfect mix between active and laid back. Jaice would do well with a very active parent that has tons of energy. Nick would do well with a parent who loves watching T.V. and reading. Both Jaice and Nick need the one-on-one attention a two-parent home can provide. Both boys are very sweet and loving most of the time. Jaice and Nick are Inseparable, if one is playing with a toy the other wants to do the same. Jacie would benefit from having other siblings to play with. To inquire about these children, please contact Beverly Hutchins at bhutchins@2ingage.org.

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