Destiny is sweet, personable, and respectful. She is a young lady who would love to find her forever home close to where she grew up, so that she can be closer to her brothers who have aged out of foster care.

This 13-year-old is looking forward to beginning in-person school, so she can start playing sports. She enjoys basketball, softball, and volleyball. She also enjoys watching TikTok and makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Destiny loves dogs and hopes to one day have a husky.

She enjoys being outside and playing sports. She also loves to dance, and contemporary style of dance is her favorite.

Destiny loves pizza and lasagna. Her idea of a fun time is watching movies or getting her favorite food and just hanging out.

Family Profile

Destiny will do best in a two-parent household where there are other children. Her most important thing is feeling that she is connected within a family unit. She wants to feel included and accepted.

Looking for a family, Destiny needs a close bond with her future family. She enjoys being included and loves to sit around and laugh with her family and friends.

Her forever family will provide a positive relationship that will help guide her as she navigates her teenage years.

About Me

“I am funny, adorable, sassy,” Destiny listed, “well rounded and spunky.”

To inquire about Destiny, please contact Beverly Hutchins by clicking here.