Calab is a very happy energetic young man who enjoys childhood activities.

Future of the Family: Calab, 15

This 15-year-old likes spending time outdoors, playing video games, reading, and making arts and crafts.

Calab does well in school and maintains high grade averages in all of his classes. He enjoys going to school and his favorite class is art, since he likes to draw and create things with his hands. Calab’s imagination is reflected in the things that he draws.

He has voiced that his goal after graduations is to go into the military and be in special forces.

This teen can be reserved and stay to himself at times, but with a little encouragement he will engage in conversation and group activities.

Calab has a very sharp mind and he is very knowledgeable about computers and the video games he plays!

Family Profile

Calab needs a family to love and care for him, and enjoy quality family time together.

He would like to have a family who will participates in the things he is interested in and in family activities together.

Calab has recently reconnected with his older siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, and he would like to maintain his connection with his siblings.

He will benefit greatly from a family with older children, who he can play video games with and do outdoor activities.

About Me

“Once I have a good family,” Calab said, “I will love them forever.”

To inquire about Calab, please contact Beverly Hutchins by clicking here.