Summer is a sweet and respectful teenager. She can be creative and spunky.

Future of the Family: Summer, 15

This 15-year-old does sometimes need extra support and attention. Like other kids her age, Summer likes to get her way and can become distant if she is not able to get her way.

She is very creative and loves to make art when she can.

When first meeting someone, she can be reserved and quiet until she gets to know someone.

Summer is respectful and independent. She is sometimes outspoken about what she wants and determined when she really wants something. She does sometimes get frustrated and is learning how to better express herself and putting her feelings into words. She often keeps her feelings to herself until she gets to know someone and has built trust with them.

She loves sports and being active. Like most teenagers, she likes to spend time with her friends hanging out and watching TikTok videos.

Family Profile

Summer’s forever family will give her a lot of attention and support.

Her forever family will be able to set boundaries with her and let her know that they are willing to listen and explain the reasons for the boundaries.

This teen’s family will be loving and supportive of Summer into adulthood.

About Me

“My personality is funny, smart, challenging, sweet, and unique,” Summer said. “I am interested in soccer, art, along with doing hair and makeup. My needs are someone who understands has patience and someone that would be there for me.”

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