ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – Abilene Independent School District (AISD) now has a way to keep track of all buses and students riding them, thanks to new technology called Smart Tag.

“They get on, they will scan on, and I will be able to see from my position who scanned on,” said Rhonda Webbs, Abilene ISD Bus Driver.

Webbs has been a bus driver for 32 years and says this is a big change for them, but they are ready.

“Who scanned on, a picture with who that person is, so it is going to help me putting a face to the name,” said Webbs.

It will also keep track of where the bus is in case anything happens or if they are running late.

“It’s important for the parents to make sure when the student leaves the house in the morning that they have those cards with them,” said Kris Wilson, Student Transportation Manager for AISD.

This new technology is being implemented as they go, so they are still trying to figure out all the logistics.

“Maybe teachers take them up when they get there, and then pass them back out before they leave,” said Wilson.

Right now, only the school district can track the buses and students, but later this year there will be a parent portal where parents will be able to use it as well.