ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Hispanic Heritage Month may have come to a close, but in a mesmerizing celebration of Hispanic culture, the art of ballet folklorico takes center stage, revealing a world of tradition, history, and vibrant expression.

For Alvaro Munoz, ballet folklorico is more than just a pastime. It’s a lifelong commitment.

“It’s my life’s work. It’s my life I started when I was three years old,” Munoz shared.

This art form not only involves learning the history of the dance but also the role costumes play, from each lace to the materials and color combinations.

“When you go on stage, it’s like a storybook. You’re telling a story,” Munoz said. “You’re communicating to the audience what you are trying to express why you do the dances.”

The vibrant colors in the traditional attire captivate the audience.

“They open up that dress that has like 30 yards, and they see all those colorful ribbons flying all over the place. People are like, wow,” Munoz said. “They see the guys out there in their charros, and they come out there like woah!”

Through every graceful movement, the dancers carry the heritage and sacrifices made by their ancestors.

“And a lot of the rich history and the culture and the sacrifices,” Munoz added.

Munoz’s commitment and desire to pass on this art form to the next generation shines through his words.

“I’m going to keep teaching them and dancing with these kids as long as my body allows me to,” Munoz expressed. “When my body says you had enough, I will continue to teach.. because you know this is what I was destined to teach.”

He shared that the best part of it all is passing on the tradition to younger generations. He enjoys seeing his students improve with every dance and reaction from the crowds.