It all starts with a round of showers and storms this evening. Some of them could strengthen to severe thresholds of around 60 to 70 mph, some large hail embedded and a small possibility of a brief spin-up or two.

That then gives way to a beautiful Tuesday and one of the strongest cold front of the years sweeps through by Wednesday, dropping temps by as much as 40 to 50 degrees and introducing the potential for some wintry precip Wednesday and Thursday. Like I said, a busy, crazy forecast for the final week of February!

Tonight: Generally mild although it’s not the temperatures you’ll want to watch out for. In the later evening and early overnight hours we’ll see showers and storms continue to develop and roll through the Big Country. Some of these could be strong to severe at times bringing with them some strong, straight-line winds, embedded medium to large hail as the primary threats. Low temps tonight stay in the 40s with breezy winds outside of the storm-created winds.

A marginal (1/5) and slight (2/5) risk for severe weather is in effect for the evening/early overnight hours

Tuesday: Beautiful and comfortable. High temps will stay around 70 degrees which is about a 10 degree falloff from Monday afternoon. Winds remain a light breeze at around 10 to 20 mph. Plenty of sunshine to go around all day! A potent cold front approaches by Tuesday evening/overnight and will bring with it significant changes to the Big Country for the rest of the week.

Some icy accumulation is expected over Wednesday and Thursday that could impact travel

Future Weather Discussion: Temperatures will drop to below freezing by Wednesday morning and stay there until Thursday afternoon. This will be accompanied by a few rounds of showers over Wednesday and Thursday that could drop a significant amount of ice across parts of the Big Country. While I don’t foresee this storm being as impactful as our last winter storm a few weeks ago, travel/roadways could still very likely be impacted/covered in ice and become very slippery.