After living through a historically hot weekend where high temperatures hit 108° and 109° on Saturday and Sunday respectively, Mother Nature is finally giving the Big Country a tiny break. Instead of smashing records we’ll maintain high temps at or around the 100° for the foreseeable future.

Tonight: Warm and mild. Low temps remain in the 70s. Winds will pick up to a strong breeze and gusty by Tuesday morning at up to 40 mph.

Tuesday: Hot and breezy. Temps will slouch down to the upper 90s and lower 100s. Winds are going to start out strong, gusting to around 40 mph but will relax throughout the day to more of a breeze at around 15 to 25 mph.

Future Weather Discussion: High pressure will continue to dominate the forecast for the foreseeable future. This will help us maintain consistent but not record breaking heat day after day for the next week or more as high temps sit around 100°.