This week sure is a busy one, not only in your love life but weather as well. Following today’s early morning showers to start the Valentine’s day behind the rain will be a rather strong winds so hold on tight and hold on to things you don’t want blowing away. Another cold front arrives Thursday with a drop in temperatures but no rain chances with that front. Temperatures will fluctuate with rain chances possible once again early into next week.


Valentine’s Day: Happy Tuesday, the pacific cold front continuant to make its way out towards the east. Light rain showers will seem like a dream of the past but we will be left with a reminder of winds. High Temperature: 68° Winds: SW 20-35 G 45 MPH

Tonight: A windy and cold night lies ahead with mostly clear conditions following the pacific front. A great night to watch the stars but grab a blanket, those winds will be howling. Low Temperature: 76° Winds: SW 10-20 G 30 MPH.

Wednesday: Sunny skies with strong winds continue with a few areas near the heartland seeing some upper level clouds. . High Temperature: 46° Winds: S>WSW 15-20 G 30 MPH

Thursday: Sunny and windy with a BIG drop in temperatures thanks to that cold front, no rain chances with this cold front unfortunately. : 51° Winds: S>W 20-25 G 35 MPH

Friday: A COLD START to Friday morning thanks to some radiational cooling overnight. A hard freeze for most of the area is expected. Mostly sunny with temperatures still below normal. . High Temperature: 45° Winds: SSW 15-20 G 25 MPH.

Saturday: Partly sunny skies as temperatures continue a slow trend, more cloud cover will move in overnight leading to a partly cloudy night. High Temperature: 57° Winds: SE 10-15 MPH

Sunday :Partly cloudy with light winds and a rain chance with up to 20%, accumulation less than a 1/”10″ as of this time. High Temperature: 69°

Monday: Partly sunny and warm. High Temperature: 76°.