Freezing rain and sleet falling across the big country .Take your time on bridges and overpasses this morning and don’t forget the coffee, ice scrapper and jacket on the way out. Temperatures will stay below freezing today into tomorrow as well. Our bulk of precipitation is less than 24 hours away.


Today: BIGGEST ACCUMULATION BANDS BEGINS EARLY IN THE MORNING. Overcast skies continue to be the main sky conditions with building ice accumulations starting out towards the southwest. Take it easy on those roadways and use caution. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination and avoid cruise control. High Temperature: 31° Winds: NNE 5 MPH

Tonight: Overcast skies with temperatures still below freezing with pauses in moisture through the overnight hours. Left over moisture from today will likely freeze over. Make sure to insulate those pipes and drip the faucets. Low Temperature: 28° Winds: NE 5 MPH

Thursday: Groundhog day starts off with a freezing cold morning with overcast skies partially clearing by the evening hours. Transition from freezing rain to rain will be possible as temperatures rise above freezing. However, the overnight low is still below freezing. Meaning that whatever falls and accumulates will FREEZE overnight. High Temperature: 41° Winds: NNW 5-10 MPH

Friday: Early morning could still be VERY SLICK as temperatures will be below freezing to start off the morning. Afternoon highs will top out above well freezing but if we see 1/2″ ice it’s likely we won’t see it completely thawed until the weekend. Sunny as the sunshine re-enters the big country for the first time this month. High Temperature: 51° Winds: NNW->S 5-15 MPH

Saturday: Mostly sunny and mild with breezy winds . High Temperature: 57° Winds: SSW 10-20 MPH

Sunday :Sunny, seasonal with breezy winds shifting towards the south. High Temperature: 65°

Monday: Mostly sunny, warm with breezy winds. High Temperature: 71°.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy and breezy with a small chance at a few passing showers. High Temperature: 59°.